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What Time is it, Fairy Godmother?

Read "Cinderella" and then run around with this fun game!

Materials Needed

What Time is it Fairy God Mother

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Outdoors (Indoors in gym)

Main Movement: Running

Swinging clock

Materials Needed

  • At least four players

  • Materials to create a "start" and "finish"

  • Space to move

Let's Play!

Determine your running area, marking off the "start" and "home." 

Then choose: 

Fairy Godmother: Calls the time

Cinderellas: Run

*The "Cinderellas" go to the "start." Fairy Godmother stands at the "home." 

Cinderellas then call out "What time is it Fairy Godmother?"

The Fairy Godmother calls out (in order) 

From 1- 12 O'Clock (midnight) and counts (1 for 1 o'clock, 2 for 2 o'clock etc).

*The cinderellas have that amount of time to run towards home. They must stop moving when Fairy Godmother stops counting. 

**When midnight (or 12 o'clock is called) they must reach "home." Whoever reaches home in this time, wins!

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