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What Color Clothes Should I Wear?

Why do you feel warmer wearing what color of clothing and cooler wearing another? Find out!

Materials Needed

What Color Clothes Should I Wear?

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 Minutes

Best done: Outdoors 

Mess Level: Medium

Child playing in the sand

Materials Needed

  • Ice cubes

  • Black Paper (or other dark color)

  • White Paper

  • Sunny Day

  • 2 of the same bowl

Time to Experiment!

  • To start make sure you have a hot, sunny day-this experiment won’t work nearly as well without it!

  • Take your ice cubes (2 is enough) and place one in each bowl.

  • Cover one bowl with the white paper and the other with black paper.

  • Place the bowls next to each other somewhere outdoors.

    • Ask your child(ren) to predict which ice cube will melt the fastest

  • Very important-check your ice cubes every few minutes to observe (or else you may miss it!).

  • The bowl with the black paper and ice cube (should) melt the fastest. The basic explanation for this is that dark colors absorb heat (they hold it in) and lighter colors reflect heat (they push it away).

  • So, what does this mean for clothing? (See if your children come to the conclusion on their own first). We should wear lighter colors to keep us cooler on a hot day!

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