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Water Fest Play

Celebrate the water festival with this fun water play activity!

Materials Needed

Water Fest Play

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors/Outdoors

Main Movement: Squeezing (fine motor building)

Girl playing in water

Materials Needed

  • Tub

  • Water

  • Sponges

Let's Play!

The Songkran water festival occurs in Thailand in the month of April. This is a Buddhist festival where people ask for forgiveness while visiting Buddhist monasteries. They believe that water is cleansing. During this time as well, people will throw water onto each other to celebrate and cleanse! (And a good way to have fun)!


6 months +: Fill a plastic tub or cookie sheet (not very high sides so babies can do while doing tummy time) with water.​

  • Drop the sponge into the water, letting it soak it up. Place the sponge next to your little one and show/help them press the sponge to get the water out. 

10 months +/ If your child is able to sit: fill a bin (with higher sides) up with water. 

  • Have your little one drop the sponge into the water. Show (then have them) how you can squeeze the sponge in your hands to get all of the water out. 

12 months +: **Outdoor/mess area option : Let your little one fill the sponge with water, then :

Squeeze it into another bowl OR

Toss the sponge and watch it splat water everywhere!

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