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Tissue Paper Butterfly

Create an adorbale butterfly!

Materials Needed

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 15 minutes + dry time

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

Butterfly art

Materials Needed

  • Tissue Paper

  • Craft Sticks

  • Googly Eyes

  • Non-toxic glue

  • Pom Poms

Let's Create!

  • Make the butterfly. To do this, have your child glue pom poms onto the popsicle sticks, placing googly eyes onto one of the pom poms. (Wait for it to dry before moving on).

  • Then pinch the tissue paper (to create two sides) and glue on the tissue paper to form the butterfly’s “wings."

**If you would like to make another set of wings do so now as well.

  • Finally glue the wings onto the back of the popsicle stick!

Butterfly Wings tissue paper
Butterfly tissue paper art

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