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Tenny Tiny Tightrope

Work on balance with this fun circus-themed motor activity!

Materials Needed

Teeny Tiny Tightrope

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Walking/crawling & Balance

Baby walking with hands

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper

  • Tape

Let's Play!

*This activity is best done with children who are already crawling or walking.

  • To begin, place your pieces of construction paper on the floor and tape them down creating a long line of paper. (Make sure they are securely taped so that children do not slip and fall).

    • If your child is walking well - place small objects on the paper for them to step over.

  • Crawlers: encourage your child to crawl along the line of papers by first showing them how to do so. You may also place objects along the line for them to pick up.

  • Beginning walkers: Hold your little ones' hand and walk with them across the papers.

  • Walkers: Show them how you balance (placing arms out to help) along the paper. If you have placed objects on the line of papers exagerate your steps (as children tend to do) to step over them.

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