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Sand Castle Creation

Building a sand castle is a fun and creative activity that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. With a little imagination and some patience, you can create a beautiful sand castle that will provide hours of entertainment and joy. So grab your buckets and shovels, and let's get building!

Materials Needed

Sand Castles

Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

Time Needed: 15 Minutes + Dry Time

Best done: Indoors/Outdoors

Messy level: High

Sand Castle

Materials Needed

  • Sand

  • Water (option 1)

  • Sand Buckets and shovels (option 1)

  • Empty Boxes (option 2)

  • Child-Safe Scissors (option 2)

  • Non-toxic Squeeze Glue (option 2)

Let's Create!

  • For this art activity your child(ren) will make a sand castle. There are two options for doing this (one indoor and one outdoor).

  • Option one (preferred): Go to the beach (always a great field trip) or use a sandbox and let your children build a sandcastle! Naturally, at the beach they can use the water to get the sand wet, in a sandbox you may need to hose the sand down (if it is not wet it won’t pack together in the buckets to make the castle).​

    • Have your children fill various buckets with sand and carefully turn them over. Let them be creative in how they create their castle. Take a picture!

  • Option two: Give your child(ren) various sized boxes and let them stack them in order to build a “sand castle.” Then help them glue or tape them together. To finish it off, glue a bunch of sand on it!

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