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Raising Kids to Love our Earth

Updated: Oct 13

You don't have to be a "crunchy parent" to care about our earth, this is for everyone because as cheesy as it sounds, it truly will take all of us to turn things around for the good of our planet. Change begins with us but we can empower change by involving our children in taking care of our earth.

From basic supplies to toys and activities, we can lead by example and show them how important taking care of our earth is.

Baby/Toddler Supplies:

Cloth diapers

According to an article by the Washington Post (a good read about progress with diapers in general), 18 billion diapers end up in landfills each year in the United States alone! Yikes!

Cloth diapers are a solution to reducting waste and are better for the environment when used with multiple children (cotton requires a lot of water to grow and therefore is also hard on the environment).

There are many great brands out there that have made them very easy to use.

Here are some we recommend:

Grovia: These diapers are easy to use as the pad snaps into the outershell. You can choose either a snaps or velcro shell. We recommend the snaps, as the velcro tend to wear out and eventually your child will be able open them up. Nobody wants a diaper to just open out of nowhere...

Alva: There are so many adorable diapers to choose from if you go with Alva Baby diapers! They are super adjustable which makes them easy to use until your child is finally potty trained! For their full site, go here.

Nora's nursery: Another easy-to-use diaper offering adorable prints! For the direct store, go here.

We are thankfully past the days where you have to physically wring the poopy diapers in the toilet, we really like this bidet sprayer to take care of that.

Then throw them into a reusable bag and put everything in the washer. Just make sure you use a sanitize cycle.

Cloth wipes

This is really simple if you are already using cloth diapers. This brand creates wipes out of bamboo, a more eco-friendly option! Many disposable brands pride themselves on being 99 percent water...why not just use actual water? Your baby's bum and your wallet will thank you!

Not convinced?

We get it, cloth diapers can be intimidating!

Here are some brands of disposables that are doing good green work too:

Dyper: though these diapers don't have a cute factor they are very absorbent. They are also plant based and free of chemicals, making them good for the bum and the earth. Of the three listed here, these seem to be the most expensive.

Seventh generation : these diapers feature many cute patterns for your little "planet lover." Again, they are plant based and made without chemicals. Their statement is "caring for the next seven generations," we like the sound of that!

These diapers are similarly priced to the Honest brand, described below.

Honest: We give these the cutest design rating for sure! Also, like the two above these diapers are plant based and chemical free. They also boast having an extra blow-out protection factor, which parent doesn't like the sound of that?!



Toothbrush: not exactly a toy but your baby will think it is. We love this one by haaka. It features food-grade silicone and is free of BPA, phthalate and PVC. It also has a "stopper," allowing your baby to "brush" their own teeth while preventing them from gagging in the process.

Toddler toothbrush: these bamboo toothbrushes are better for the earth and cute too!



Re Play: This brand offers the convenience of plastic dishes (aka won't break when thrown from a high chair) with the Earth in mind. They are all made from recycled milk jugs!



HABA: Adorable toys and eco conscious! If you want to read about what they do to reduce their carbon footprint, go here.

Hape: Another great brand that strives to make (adorable) toys in an environmentally friendly way.

Green Toys Brand toys: Yup! We are adding them here too because we love them so much. You can buy them on Amazon or for the full picture, head to their website. Green Toys are made out of recycled plastic and made safe for kids!

Mixable Paints: These paints are made from vegetables and are safe if (let's be honest when) they get into your child's mouth!


Activities to promote our Earth's well being

Create a bee house: ensure you do this safely (for everyone involved) see this article: from University of Nebraska for tips on how to do this.

Plant flowers: Speaking of bees, why not create a pollinator garden with your kids! You can discuss the importance of creatures like bees and butterflies while creating something beautiful! This post from architectural digest does a great job explaining "How to Create a Pollinator Garden in 7 Easy Steps." For a general list of pollinator flowers, click here.

Pick up trash

Should we have to pick up after other people? Absolutely not. But sadly some people didn't learn how to throw garbage away properly...

Throw on some gloves, grab a trash bag (we like these plant-based ones) and pick it up. Show your kids that trash belongs in the garbage, not on the side of the road where it can harm our animals and oceans!


For this you need to have the space to do it but if you can it is fantastic! Show your kids how we can compost our uneaten food scraps which then become soil for our gardens!

Buy second-hand:

A great option to not only save you money but save our planet! Go to your local second-hand store or arrange a clothing swap with your friends. Either way, you save money and help save the earth!

Do you have any other ideas to get our kids involved in taking care of our planet? Let us know!

PS if you're looking for some more Earth Day learning activities, check out our free Teeny Tiny Activities for kids 6 months - 2 Years, or our Play Activities for kids 2 and up. We also have full lessons on our Preschool Resources Page

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