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Engaging Reading Resources for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Updated: Mar 18

Kids need to read. We all know it and as March is Reading Month apporaches the focus on reading will increase even more. Reading can come in a large variety of formats, in-fact reading in different ways is great for children's language development! So here is a large list of reading resources for preschoolers and toddlers. We offer both free and paid sources, so take a look!

Printed Materials: Printed materials are an amazing resource for children's early literacy skills! They help children learn how to: hold a book, turn pages, distinguish between letters, numbers, and symbols, gain understaning from images and so much more. Below are some resources for printed reading materials.

Child reading a book

Library: Free

Okay this one may seem obvious but your local library is an amazing resource! Many libraries are now interconnected which gives you access to even more books, magazines, and other learning materials with a simple click of a button!

This incredible resources provides books for free each month to children ages birth- five in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

Used Book Stores/Garage Sales: Varies

If you are someone who enjoys thrifting, this one is for you! Take a look at used bookstores, garage sales, even school fairs for gently used books! If you have a group of people with similarly-aged children you could initiate a book swap as well.

Book Subscription: Varies

Owl Post Books: Cost Varies by subscription choice

Offers subscription boxes for children ages 0-3, 4-7, 8-10, and 11-13. New books each month, with the choice of 3 books in each box or one plus an activity!

Bookroo: Cost varies by subscription choice ($20 + per box). Use code: Books2Love to take 15% off.

Each box comes with 3 (for ages 0-3) or 2 (older than 3) books per box.

Magazine Subscription: Cost Varies (check your library for older editions too!)

Magazines are another great way to engage children with reading. There are many magazine subscriptions available depending on your children(s)/students interests. Here are some great options:

Highlights: This magazine has subscription options for kids as young as zero all the way up to age twelve! They are designed to support your child's learning in all areas! You can choose to do the Magazines on their own or do one of their subscription boxes which include activities to do as well!

Visit them on their website here OR

if you like to use Amazon for subscrption access, click here.

Ranger Rick: Another great magazine option, Ranger Rick is all about animals and offers magazines for children 0 to 7+! Each subscription is $15, however the number of magazines you receive varies based on age group.

Visit them on their website here. (It does not appear that their subscription is offered through Amazon.

Scholastic: These magazines are truly a fantastic resource, covering a wide variety of topics for grades Preschool and older.

If you are in a teaching role - they also offer lessons to go along with their magazines through their Magazine+ subscription!

Visit them on their website here OR

take a look at their Amazon Options

Directions, comics, etc. : Another form of printed material that can relate to a child's individual reading needs are things like directions (for a game, Legos etc.), comics, recipes etc. All of these items are a great way to show children that regardless of their interests, reading is everywhere!


Audio Books: Audio books are another valuable resource when it comes to reading skills and are great for travel. While using an audiobook, children can follow along in a printed copy or simply listen. This allows them to draw their own images in their mind while focusing on their listening language skills!

Child wearing headphones

Libro: $14.99/month (for an audiobook credit) Use code CHOOSEINDIE for a free audiobook

Libro has a large variety of audiobooks to choose from for children and adults! Once you download a book from Libro it's yours, no return necessary! They also help support local communities - once you create your account you choose a bookstore to help support!

Audible: price varies by subscripion choice

With audible you have access to thousands of audio books for children and adults. There are a variety of membership options from small credit limits to unlimited listens. Regardless there is a free trial option (if you have not yet signed up).

Yoto: The Yoto is your all-in-one gadget. It can read stories, play music, make white noise, show the room temperature and more! It is designed for children 3-12 years old.

Tonie Box: Tonie boxes come with adorable characters taht read stories and play music. They also offer cusomizable options so your child can hear a story read in a family member's voice!

Books/CD Combo: There are many great options to choose from depending on your child's interests. These types of combos are a great way for your child to read along while a story is read to them!


Screens/Applications: Though screen time should certainly be limited, it can provide a benefit to children's reading development. From books read aloud on a screen to games, this can be a good assistant in your child's reading journey. Below are some options for on screen books and reading games for your preschoolers.

Child looking at tablet device

Epic: FREE if you are an educator - simply sign up with your school!

If you are a parent, monthly/yearly plans available

Epic offers thousands of books to choose from for children to read along with or listen to along with reading comprehension quizzes to check for understanding. You can filter the content available to your children as well to make sure it is appropriate!

Kindle Unlimited: 30 Day free trial then $11.99/month

Another option for reading on a screen, the Kindle Unlimited plan from Amazon offers audiobooks, ebooks, and even magazine subscriptions!

Hooked on Phonics: First month $1 and then $12.99+ shipping (for activities)

This app focuses on teaching your child(ren) the basisc of reading while offering activities on the side.

This app offers reading lessons where children can learn to read through playing. It is designed for children ages 3-6 years old.

**If you are looking for an app/program that helps your (older - 6 and up) child with math and reading skills, Constructor offers a great program along with a free trial.


Reading Games: Games are another wonderful way to connect children with the reading world. From the directions they need to follow while playing the game to the games themselves, this is another fantstic resource.

These reading blocks provide a fun way for children to take a visual and tactile approach to reading. They spin the blocks to match the word on each card.


Zingo is a fun game that is great for early or pre-readers. Children must quickly match words on their game board.

Boggle Jr.:$11.78

This kids version of Boggle is perfect for children who are learning to read and write. The cards show an image and how to spell the word and children must match letters with their dice!

Those are all of the reading resources for preschoolers and toddlers we have for now, have any that you like that we should add? Let us know!

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