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Easter Basket Stuffers

Updated: May 2

Are you still looking for some Easter Basket ideas that won't add to your child's candy stockpile? If so, you've come to the right place! Check out all of our ideas for kids age 0 and up!

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Baby +

One Year +

Two Years +

Three Years +

Baby + : These Easter basket ideas provide a good range for the "baby age" - most are great for 0+ though a few are better-suited for older babies.

Peter Rabbit Crinkle Book: Your baby is sure to love this soft and crinkly Peter Rabbit book, it comes with a teething corner and a hook for on the go!

Carrot Teether: This carrot teether is both adorable and practical, it has little bumps to soothe your baby's gums and handles so they can hold on!

Haba Bunny Teether: This bunny teether is simply adorable! It features a crinkly-eared bunny along with a bumpy ring that will feel great on sore gums! To check the price on Amazon, click here.

Haba Bunny Rattle Ball: This colorful and soft ball will make an adorable addition to your little one's Easter Basket! To check the price on Amazon, click here.

Haba Bunny Lovey: This cuddly bunny is perfect for any baby's Easter Basket, it even offers a strap for a pacifier attatchment! To check price on Amazon, click here.

If you love all of the Haba Easter ideas, take a look at the Bundles they offer and save five dollars! Click here to check it out!

Hape Bunny Stacker: This colorful bunny stacker is best-suited for 10 months and up and will help your little one with their fine motor development!

Bunny Booties: Make sure your little one's feet stay nice and warm with these adorable fleece bunny booties!


Stuffers for: 1+

Biscuit's Pet and Play Easter: Go on an adventure with Biscuit in this adorable touch and feel book. It makes an adorable addition to any little one's Easter basket!

Carrot Harvest Game: This Montessori-style toy features carrots of different sizes, providing an adorable and fine-motor-building addition to your child's basket!

Egg Hide and Seek: This "hide and seek" game is both cute and educational - your child will build their fine motor and math skills!

Egg Chalk: The perfect addition to your child's Easter Basket as the weather gets warmer!

Crayola Egg Crayons: These large crayons are a great fit for your toddlers small hands!


Stuffers for 2 +

Don't Push the Button: This interactive book will keep your little one engaged and let's be honest wanting to push the button!

Matching Eggs: These eggs are great for developing fine motor and math skills!

Haba Musical Eggs: These colorful eggs are perfect for your budding musician! Check here to check the price on Amazon.

Hape Eggspressions: These adorable eggs will help your child learn to express their feelings!

Play-Doh Eggs: This pack of 24 play-doh eggs is perfect to fill multiple toddler Easter Baskets!

Easter Coloring Book: This big book features 25 different eggs for your little one to color or cut!


Ages 3 + : As this is our last age group - some of the items in this section are better-suited for kids closer to age four but we wanted to include them!

How to Catch the Easter Bunny: This book will inspire your little ones to build their own traps to catch the Easter Bunny... just don't get caught!

Easter Egg Toss: This hilarious toy is sure to get your child giggling and moving...maybe burning off some of that sugar-fueled energy!

Jumping Jack Game: This game is better-suited for children closer to four and up (though three -year olds are sure to enjoy it as well). Your children can work on their hand-eye coordination with this game resulting in giggles galore!

Big Easter Squishy: These "squishies" are adorable and...squishy! They are great for building fine motor skills for them and stress relief for you!

Lip Smacker Bunny Chapstick: Both cute and practical, this "bunny stick" is an awesome addition to your child's basket!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie: This two pack comes with a bunny and a hamster and allows your child to color and erase over and over again! To check the price on Amazon, click here.


We hope this helped your fill your children's Easter Basket up! Do you have other ideas? Let us know!

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