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Outdoor Materials Deer Art Activity

Our preschool and toddler forest animal art activity is focused on using outdoor materials to create a deer. This fun and educational activity encourages children to explore nature while using their imaginations to create something beautiful.

Materials Needed

Outdoor Materials

Deer Activity

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 20 Minutes + Dry Time

Best done: Indoors and Outdoors

Messy level: Medium-High

Outdoor Materials Deer

Materials Needed

  • Deer Outline (Option 1)

  • Brown Construction Paper (Option 2)

  • Child-safe scissors 

  • Non-toxic Glue

  • Outdoor materials - leaves, sticks etc. 

Let's Create!

  • Option one: Cut out the deer image (PDF in materials image) . 

  • Option two: If you (or your child(ren)) are able, draw an outline of a deer face (like the one below) and have your child(ren) cut out the image. Then decorate it.


  • Decoration recommendations: We love using outdoor materials for art and this theme is perfect for that. Some options:

    •  Leaves for the deer’s ears

    • Sticks for adding antlers

    • Some black soil or a black rock for the nose

    • Non outdoor materials-googly eyes or markers for the eyes

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