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Ocean Says

This Ocean Animal version of Simon Says is sure to get your children moving and giggling!

Materials Needed

Ocean Says

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors/Outdoors

Main Movement: Jumping, corrdination

Child jumping

Materials Needed

  • Open Space

Let's Play!

  • This Ocean Animal "Simon Says" game requires an open space and at least 3 players to play! 

  • To begin, decide who will be the "Ocean" (aka Simon) - this person will be the one telling the other players how to move.

  • Go over the various ocean animals with the players and decide as a group what the movements for each will be OR use the list below! 

    • Jellyfish: A jellyfish uses the top of it (or the bell) to push water and move! - Put your arms above you in a circle, push them down and jump up with your legs. *To simplify this movement, ask children to jump up and down.

    • Blue Whale: Blue whales are the largest ocean creatures! Place your hands on a friends shoulders and "swim" around!

    • Shark: Sharks swim side to side and can make BIG bites! Move your body side to side (standing still or moving) and make a BIG clapping motion.

    • Dolphin: Dolphins curve their bodies when they move in the water! Stand up and curve over, (about to your knees) and jump!

    • Octopus: An octopus can swim or crawl along the bottom of the ocean. Get down on your hands and knees and crawl around in slow motion (like your tentacles are getting stuck)!

    • Crab: Crabs like to move sideways! Squat down and move sideways back and forth while also making a "chomping motion" with your hands!

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