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Ocean Animal Sounds

Help your little one learn about all of the fun sounds ocean creatures make!

Materials Needed

Ocean Animal Sounds

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Low

Dolphins swimming in the water

Materials Needed

Let's Listen!

  • This sensory experience will focus on connecting sounds to animals! 

  • To set up, place your ocean animals in order of where they  come in the video (to make it easier). **If you do not have ocean animal finger puppets, you can print off images on the animals and place them on popsicle sticks!

  • Place your puppet on your finger, name the animal and move it around as you play the sounds the animal makes! This will help build a connection for your child between the appeareance of the animal, the name of it, and its sound!

    • Older children: encourage your child to repeat the sound and animal name back to you! Get goofy and try it yourself to encourage them more!​

  • Ocean Animal puppets are also great to use when listening to ocean animal songs and reading stories (see our recommended ones on the songs and stories page)! 

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Blue water with ocean animals

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