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Musical Sensory Fun

Engage your child's sense of hearing with this fun musical sensory experience!

Materials Needed

Musical Sensory Fun

Child's hand with xylophone

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 7 minutes 

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Low

Materials Needed

  • Musical Instruments

  • Pots and wooden spoon (optional)

Let's Create!

  • This sensory experience is incredibly simple to do but a wonderful way to engage your child's sense of hearing while introducing them to music! 

  • Once you have gathered any musical instruments you have, sit down with them in front of your child. Name each instrument and make the sound with it. Let your child make music too!

    • 6 Months +: place the instrument in your child's hand and help them to make sound with it.​

    • 12 Months +: Let your child choose an insrument to make sound with. Choose one as well and dance with them while you  make music

    • 18 Months + : Make a steady beat with your child using an instrument. Simple clapping works great for this, as does tapping a drum (or pot with a wooden spoon), tambourine, and/ or floor with hand. 

  • To further encourage your child's musical experience, play some classical music!

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