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Mummy Fine Motor

Your child will work on their pincer grasp with this fun Mummy Unwrapping Motor Activity!

Materials Needed

Mummy Motor

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Pincer Grasp


Materials Needed

  • Mummy Image

  • Zipper Bag

  • Masking Tape (or other thick tape)

  • Toilet Paper (optional)

Let's Play!

  • **This activity works best for children 9 months and older

  • To start this activity, print off an image of a mummy or create your own.

  • Then place the image into a large zipper bag. Next tape the bag down onto whichever surface your child will do the activity on. 

  • Place large pieces of masking tape over the mummy, ensuring a small bit of the tape is sticking up so your child can grab on. You can also tape down some toilet paper insteadof just tape. Then, let them rip the tape off! (Make sure to watch closely so that the tape does not go into mouths!

  • To add a challenge for older children, ask them to stick the tape (with or without toilet paper) onto the mummy. Then have them take it off again.

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