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Leaf Pile Motor Fun

Leaf piles are a fantastic way for your child to build motor skills while having so much fun! Take a look at all of the way to play below!

Materials Needed

Leaf Pile Motor Fun

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Outdoors

Main Movement: Arm movement, crawling, hiding 

young child tossing leaves

Materials Needed

Let's Play!

  • Motor Experience 1: Leaf pile jumping (leg muscles)

    • 6 Months and up (or crawlers): make a medium-sized leaf pile and let your child crawl through it. It may encourage your child to do so if you show them how first! ​

    • 1 and up (or walkers): Build a large leaf pile and encourage your child to jump in! Once inside the pile you can play music and have a leaf pile dance party!

  • Motor Experience 2: Leaf tossing (arm muscles, tossing ability)

    • This is mostly for the older portion of this age group: show children how you can throw leaves up in the air, does the wind catch them, how far can you toss them?​

  • Motor Experience 3: Leaf Pile Hiding

    • 6 months and up: instead of making a full pile of leaves, just spread some out if front of your child. Then hide a (washable) toy underneath. Let them find it! This will also help them build their understanding of object permanence. 

    • 1 year olds and up: Hide a toy in a leaf pile and let them find it or vice versa!

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child sitting in leaves

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