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Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

Sing and move along with this fun baby and toddler caterpillar motor experience!

Materials Needed

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: walking/crawling, moving arms

Child with arms up

Materials Needed

Let's Play!

  • This hungry caterpillar game is a very simple way to combine music and movement! 

  • Option 1: all ages - simply sing the song and follow the movements written with the lyrics. This is a super easy way to move our bodies to a beat without needing to set anything up!

  • Option 2: This option allows for bigger movements while still following the song.

    • To begin, print off a number of leaf options  

             6 mo+/not yet crawling: 1

             9 mo+/ crawling: 3​

            12 mo+/ walking: 5

Then: Sing the first part of the song (hungry, hungry caterpillar), while singing this:

6 months+: move the leaf around your child, encouraging them to

tap it

9 months +: set the three leaves close by but a bit away from you and encourage your child to crawl to them (grab if they are able) 

12 months+: set the 5 leaves away from you, spread out and encourage your child to (walk/run/jump/crawl) to grab them as you sing.

Next: Sing the next portion of the song (big, big caterpillar)

6 months +: gently stretch your childs arms as you sing, then pretend to curl up in a cocoon

9 months+: stretch your arms with your child and show them how to curl up

12 months+: Have your child stretch their arms up to the sky (or jump if they can) and then lay down curled up.

Next portion: all ages pretend to sleep

Final portion: (butterfly)

6 months+: gently flap your child's arms -  then point to them

9 months +: while seated, show your child how to "flap their wings," then point to themself

12 months +: walk around with your child as they "flap" their wings, then point to themself and (if able to) jump up.

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