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Growing Flowers Relay Race

With this Garden Themed Movement Activity, children will learn the basics of flower growth, such as planting, watering, and nurturing. It is a great way to get kids excited about gardening while moving their bodies!

Materials Needed

Growing Flowers Relay Race

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 7 minutes

Best done: Indoors/outdoors

Main Movement: Running

Kids Running

Materials Needed

  • Bean Bags

  • Watering can

  • Pretend Flowers

  • Flashlight

Let's Play!

  • To begin, set up the area you are using - we recommend having plenty of space to run. Place all of the "grow items" on one end (where teams will line up) and a cone (or something to mark) on the other end where they will "grow the flowers."

  • Divide your group into teams (no more than 5 per team). Have them stand in a single-file line

    • The first child runs and "digs a hole" (pretend to dig). Once they get back to their team,

    • The next child runs and plants the seed (places the bean bag down). Once they get back:

    • The next child "waters the seed" (Pretend to pour water with the watering can). Once this child is back, the next

    • Shines the flashlight on the "seed" (to represent sunlight) once this child is back,

    • Finally the last child runs and replaces the seed with the pretend flower.

  • Once the last child has returned, the team may all sit down. Whichever team finishes first, wins!​

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