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Forest Animal Footprints

This preschool forest animal science activity is all about footprints! Your child will explore, make predictions, and learn all about feet!

Materials Needed

Forest Animal Footprints

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 15 Minutes

Best done: Indoors

Mess Level: Low-Medium

Deer Print

Materials Needed

  • Forest Animal Feel Document

  • Play Doh (optional)

  • Forest Animal Figures (optional)

Time to Experiment!

  • To begin this activity, ask children which animals they may see (or have seen) in the forest. Depending on how many creatures they list, ask what things may be different about these animals. There are sure to be many differences! 

    • Ask children why these animals may have these differences. - If they are unsure explain that these animals need different things to serve different purposes. One such purpose are there feet!​

  • Read the animal feet facts cards and show the image of the animals (particularly if children do not know the names of these animals). 

  • See if they can find the feet for each creature! 

  • If you have animal figurines for these animals, let children experiment with pressing them into play doh or paint to see the feet "for real."

  • Bonus! If you have a forest near by, see if you can spot any animal prints!

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