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Fly Butterfly, Fly!

Flap your wings to make it to the flower first!

Materials Needed

Fly Butterfly, Fly

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 7 minutes

Best done: Indoors/outdoors

Main Movement: Running

Image by AARN GIRI

Materials Needed

  • Bean Bags (or other colorful object you have multiple of)

  • Open Space

Let's Play!

  • To begin, set up the area you will be using for your game, a wide open space/ gym work great!

    • Lay beanbags (or other colorful objects you have a significant number) of all over your open space. ​

      • For example, if you have 5 children playing the game, you want at least 7 of each color. ​

  • Next, tell children that they will be moving all over the area to gather "flowers" to pollinate. ​

  • When you call out "Fly Butterfly, Fly!" the children start moving around the area, flapping their arms like they are flying. 

    • Next you might say "jump to blue flowers" - children then jump and gather as many blue "flowers" as they can. (younger children may set them in a pile so that they do not have to hold onto as much at once. For older children, this is part of the game to try and hold onto the flowers!) Once you say "fly butterlfly, fly" they stop gathering the flowers.​

    • Continue on like this, calling out a movement and a color until all of the "flower" have been gathered. Once complete, children may count their flowers, whoever has the most, wins!

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