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This Garden Art activity is the perfect way for your child to explore the beauty of nature while using scissors, glue, and paper to create their very own garden art. It is great for preschool-aged children and encourages creativity and fine motor skills development. 

Materials Needed


Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes 

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

paper flowers

Materials Needed

  • Colorful construction paper cut into circles or cupcake liners

  • Green construction paper 

  • Popsicle sticks (optional)

  • Squeeze Glue

  • Scissors

  • Marker (or other drawing utensil)

Let's Create!

  • For this project, ask your child to carefully cut strips into the cupcake liners (or paper circles) to create the flower petals.

  • Following this have them cut a green stem (rectangle shape). Or use popsicle sticks and color them green. Glue the flower on top.

  • Grab your green construction paper and cut it into fourths (long way).

  • Make cuts halfway through the paper (short way) to create grass.

  • Finally glue the “flowers” onto the grass!

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