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Fall Leaf Collage

Your child will create a collage of leaves with this fun fall themed project for toddlers

Materials Needed

Fall Leaf Collage

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes + gathering and dry time

Best done: Indoors/outdoors

Messy level: Medium

Fall Leaf Collage

Materials Needed

  • Variety of fall leaves

  • Non-toxic glue

  • Construction paper 

Let's Create!

  • **This art experience is best suited for children who are 18 months and up.

  • To begin, go on a walk and gather a variety of fall leaves with your little one. Try and get a variety of colors and sizes.

    • If the leaves are damp, let them dry prior to beginning the art experience.​

  • Spread glue on the paper (younger toddlers) or allow your child to do so themselves (older toddlers). 

  • Encourage your child to place the leaves onto the paper in whichever way they choose. They can place the leaves on whole, rip them into pieces - whatever is interesting to them!

*Note: if your child gets glue on their hands think of it as a good thing, this is a wonderful sensory experience (as long as they don't eat it)! 

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