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Dolphin Science

How do dolphins communicate? Learn all about it with this fun science activity!

Materials Needed

Dolphin Science

Difficulty Level: Medium Hard

Time Needed: 10 Minutes

Best done: Indoors 

Mess Level: Low

Image by Ádám Berkecz

Materials Needed

  • Scarf (or other object to act as blind fold)

  • Known objects such as: shoes, wooden blocks, cups etc.

Time to Experiment!

  • For this science activity your child(ren) will learn about dolphins!

  • Dolphins are highly intelligent, amazing creatures. They communicate with each other through a variety of sounds as-well-as social cues-just like us!

  • In order to find/determine what a specific object is-even if it is far away, dolphins use echolocation. This allows them to make a sound, hear the way it echoes off of an object and determine what that object is. This helps them to find food to eat and to stay safe from animals who may want to eat them.

  • Though we do not have the ability to use echolocation ourselves, we can practice listening to the way objects sound!

  • Gather a group of known objects and place in a pile in front of your child(ren). Choose which child will go first and blindfold them.

  • Then choose another child to tap on each object, have the blindfolded child guess what the object is! 

  • Can you guess the objects like a dolphin?!

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