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Dolphin Resist Art

Help your child create a dolphin swimming in the ocean with this fun resist art experience!

Materials Needed

Dolphin Resist Art

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes 

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Low

White dolphin with blue background

Materials Needed

Let's Create!

  • To begin, print off and cut out the image of the dolphin


  • Next, tape it onto the white construction paper. Double-sided tape works great BUT make sure it is not the extra strength kind or else your paper will rip when you later remove the dolphin image.  

  • Deterimine what your would like to use for the blue ocean. Though this is up to you, we do have suggestions based on age/abilities of children (see below)

    • 6 months + (or still laying): place the paper with the dolphin on the floor in front of your child. We recommend using a splat mat to help keep the mess level low. Make drops of blue paint all over the paper surrounding the dolphin and help your child to move their hands in the paint, spreading it around.​

    • 9 months + ( able to sit up on their own): Tape the dolphin paper to a board or wall that won't result in peeling paint l Or to the bath tub edge. Let your child dip their hands into the paint on their own and spread or place blobs on the paper and let them spread. (If you do not wish to tape the page, place it on the floor as above).

    • 12 months +: You can of course use paint as well for this age group, however it is a good time to start practicing with things like crayons! If your child is able to, hand them a crayon and let them scribble all around (even on top of) the dolphin. This is a nice option becuase it is something your child can keep coming back to and does not need to be completed all at once. 


  • Finally, (once dry if using paint) carefully pull the dolphin image off. Reveal your child's very own dolphin image underneath!

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