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Dinosaur Sizes

This preschool dinosaur science activity will get your child estimating, measuring and most of all having fun while learning all about the sizes of various dinosaurs!

Materials Needed

Dinosaur Sizes

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 15 Minutes

Best done: Outdoors

Mess Level: Medium

Chalk with outline

Materials Needed

  • Dino size info page

  • Chalk

  • Measuring Tape

  • Pavement or sidewalk

Time to Experiment!

  • Your child will learn about the sizes of various dinosaurs in this science activity.

  • To begin, show them the images of the dinosaurs.


  • Ask them “which dinosaur do you think was the biggest? The smallest?


  • Measure out the height of the dinosaurs (marking with chalk) – we recommend using different colors of chalk for the different dinosaurs.  

  • **To incorporate the length and height of the dinosaurs you can make a rectangle to represent their size OR if you are artistic enough you could draw the actual dinosaur!

  • Ask the children to estimate how many of them they need to reach the height and length of each dinosaur.

  • Test it out! (Note that if you don’t have enough children to complete this portion, have one child lay down, mark where their head is and then have them lay back down to “stack.”

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