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Color Toss

Toss the beanbags onto the correct color spots!

Materials Needed

Color Toss

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Tossing/Throwing

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Materials Needed

  • Colorful Bean Bags

  • Colorful Discs (or something to mark color)

Let's Play!

  • Play this color tossing game based on Holi known as "The Festival of Colors" - a spring celebration, celebrating good winning over evil! It is celebrated with many colors and people in-fact throw powdered colors onto each other!

  • To begin set up your colorful discs (one of each color) , make sure they are spread out so that children do not inadvertantly throw the bean bag onto the wrong color (because it is too close). Use tape to mark where children should throw their bag from (make it farther away for older children and closer for younger children).

  • Spread the bean bags out randomly all over the space you are using - note they should be the same color as the discs and there should be as many beanbags of that color as there are children. (Do not set them in a pile as children may then bump into each other trying to claim a bag).


  • Call out a color - children must then run to grab a bean bag of that color - then run to the disc and toss the bean bag onto it. 


  • To make this a competitive game (I.E. let children practice understanding that losing is okay), have whoever gets their bean bag onto the disc last sit down - they are out. 

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