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Boat Movement

This boat movement game is designed to help little ones develop their motor skills while having a blast. Get ready to set sail and move your pirate ship around the water!

Materials Needed

Boat Movements

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Pushing against resistance

boat in water with child's hand

Materials Needed

Let's Play!

6 months +: Fill a plastic tub or cookie sheet (not very high sides so babies can do while doing tummy time) with water.​

  • Show your little one how you can slowly push the boat through the water. Let them experiment with it as well, allowing them plenty of time to move the boat around against the resistance the water provides. 

10 months +/ If your child is able to sit: fill a bin (or bathtub) up with water. 

  • Place boats of varying sizes inside, letting your little one push the boats around. Show them how you can push the boat fast and slow. What happens if you add weight to the top of the boat, is it more difficult to push? 

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