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Songs and  Stories

Check out our song and book recommendations for a Beach theme below!


Beach Song Image

Sing this fun Beach song to the tune of "Wheels on the Bus!"

Let's Go to the Beach
AO Kids
(Youtube Link)

Image by Richard Pasquarella

Sing about all of the fun things you can do at the beach!

The Beach Song
Music Travel Kids
(Youtube Link)

Beach Fun

Sing along to this upbeat happy beach song!

Day at the Beach

AO Kids

(Youtube Link)

Image by Rohan Gangopadhyay

Sing all about a "lovely day at the beach!"


Day at the Beach Book Cover

Read about Gideon and Audrey's sand castle building day!

Jump into Science Sand Book Cover

Learn about the science of sand with this informative book!

At the Beach Book Cover.

Learn all about the life going on at the beach with this Nat Geo book!

The Colors of Summer Book Cover

Read about all of the colorful things we can see in the summer!

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