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Beach Frisbee Fun

Looking for a fun and active way to keep your kids entertained this summer? Why not try our beach frisbee games! Grab your frisbee and get ready to have a great time!

Materials Needed

Beach Frisbee Fun

Difficulty Level: Medium - Hard

Time Needed: 10 min (or longer)

Best done: Outdoors - large space

Main Movement: Tossing, Catching

Child playing with frisbee

Materials Needed

  • Frisbee

  • Large Outdoor Space (beach) or other large space

Let's Play!

  • This Frisbee activity can be done in many different ways but some basic ideas are below:

    • Tossing and catching:

      • Younger children: let children experiment with tossing the frisbee and trying to catch it.  

      • Older children: start off close to the other person (or people) and each time the frisbee is caught take one step backwards.

      • All ages: Experiment with the challenges of catching the frisbee while running on land (beach) vs. catching in shallow (make sure to wear life vest) water. 

    • How far can I throw: Simply put, let children toss the frisbee as far as they can (assuming nobody is standing in front of them), mark their spot with a stick. ​

    • Ring Toss: This will be easier for older children though younger are sure to have fun too. Push some sticks into the sand and try to toss the frisbee on top! Younger children may stand closer and older children further back.

    • **Note - if your frisbee does not have a hole in the center you could also try to knock the sticks over with it! 

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Child playgin

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